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About Charlie Horse

Serving Southern Maine since 1998

We are a family owned and operated company, owned by Mike and LaDonna McCurry. We're experienced. There's no middle man, and because we handle every phase of your order in-house, we have complete control of quality and turn-around-time. We believe that our business is an extension of ourselves and must reflect our values. Whether you are a new customer or an old friend, you'll be treated with courtesy, honesty and respect. In business as in life, reputation is all you have. It's old fashioned today, but we deal fairly and honestly with everyone. No excuses. The vendors we rely on and the customers who rely on us get an equal share of our commitment and they deserve nothing less.

Since we started making custom imprinted products in 1998, we've worked for some of the top companies in New England providing quality, quick turn-around and superior value. Clients and employees treasure the products we produce. Your company's message gains lasting appeal and dollar for dollar, no other form of promotion makes such a powerful and impressive statement.

Who we've worked with

Local and national companies

There's no company too big or too small for Charlie Horse. We have worked with a variety of different organizations, from large corporations to small mom and pop shops. Every product we create is done with the same attention to detail and priority as the last.

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